QuanTEM's Lead Trip Spike
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Lead Trip Spike

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  • Manufacturer: QuanTEM Laboratories, LLC
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A lead dust sampling wipe spiked with a known concentration of lead in a non-sterile yellow-capped tube.

Used as a quality control sample for lead inspections and risk assessments.

Spike level = 125 ug / wipe



Lead Wipe™ Information


Individually wrapped wipes for lead dust sampling. Wipes meet all ASTM E1792 specifications for sampling materials for lead in surface dust and OSHA Methods ID-125G (Addendum B) and OSS1.

Contains water, polyorbate 20, Methylparaben, and Propylparaben.

Use these wipes to collect samples of the following surface metals as specified in OSHA Method ID-125G, Addendum B:


 • Antimony

 • Beryllium

 • Cadmium

 • Chromium

 • Cobalt

 • Copper

 • Iron

 • Lead

 • Manganese

 • Molybdenum

 • Nickel

 • Vanadium

 • Zinc

Formulation does not contain lanolin, aloe or other interfering oils which may alter lab test results. The rayon substrate is easily dissolved in nitric acid.

Date of Manufacture Lot Number stamped on back.